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Bonsai Sushi Bar Menu


salad sampler | 7
cucumber salad, squid salad, seaweed salad

edamame  | 5
salted soybean pods

miso soup | 5
traditional with shiitake mushrooms, tofu, seaweed & green onion

ponzu ceviche  | 12
daily made ceviche special served with chips

**sashimi appetizer | 20
9 pieces, chef’s choice

**hamachi jalapeno | 14
6 pieces of yellowtail sashimi with sliced jalapeño, cilantro, and green onions, on a bed of cucumber topped with house made ponzu

bowls & small plates

**ahi poke bowl | 14
6 marinated pieces of ahi tuna served with avocado, cucumber salad & seaweed salad

**chirashi bowl | 15
6 pieces chef’s choice sashimi on a bed of seaweed salad, cucumber salad, and a side of sushi rice

ahi tuna tataki | 14
6 pieces of salt & pepper seared tuna served with seaweed salad, cucumber salad and ponzu

**sashimi plate | 28
15 pieces, chef’s choice

veggie plate | 17
veggie roll, 5pcs vegetable nigiri


(all sushi rolls are topped with toasted sesame seeds)

kappa roll |5
(6 pieces) cucumber roll

**sake roll |6
(6 pieces) fresh salmon roll

**negihama roll |6
(6 pieces) yellowtail roll

**tekka roll | 7
(6 pieces) ahi tuna roll

spider roll |10
(6 pieces) (cucumber, sprouts, green onion, carrots, tempura soft shell crab) eel sauce, masago

veggie |7
(avocado, cucumber, sprouts, green onion, asparagus)

florida |9
(avocado, cucumber, crab) masago 

philly |8
(cream cheese, avocado, smoked salmon)

cowboy |9
(cream cheese, avocado, filet mignon) eel sauce

unagi |8
(spicy mayo, cucumber, bbq eel) eel sauce

shrimp tempura |9
(spicy mayo, green onion, shrimp tempura) eel sauce

volcano |11
(avocado, shrimp tempura) volcano topping

crunchcano |13
(spicy mayo, green onion, cucumber, shrimp tempura) steamed shrimp, avocado, volcano topping, eel sauce

**spicy ahi tuna |10
(spicy ahi tuna, cucumber)

**ATL volcano |14
(spicy ahi tuna, cucumber) tuna, avocado, spicy mayo, eel sauce

**fuji king |14
(bbq eel, smoked salmon, tempura softshell crab) ahi tuna, steamed shrimp, avocado, eel sauce, sweet thai chili, masago

**fusion |14
(spicy ahi tuna, cucumber, jalapeño) yellowtail, avocado, house made ponzu

**spicy tuna sushi burrito | 16
(spicy tuna, volcano mix, avocado, cilantro, masago, cucumber, spicy mayo, eel sauce, and a splash of soy sauce)

**spicy tuna sushi burrito | 16
(spicy tuna, volcano mix, avocado, cilantro, masago, cucumber, spicy mayo, eel sauce, and a splash of soy sauce)

**fresh salmon sushi burrito i 16
(salmon, volcano mix, avocado, cilantro, masago, cucumber, spicy mayo, eel sauce, and a splash of soy sauce)

specialty makimonos

**ceviche roll |15
(ahi tuna, jalapeño & cilantro) ebi, ceviche mix, sriracha

**rose roll |13       
(cream cheese, avocado, kani, ahi tuna) tempura flakes, spicy mayo, eel sauce, sweet thai chili, green onion

**samurai |15       
(cucumber, smoked salmon, bbq eel) spicy ahi tuna, eel sauce, sriracha, tempura flakes, cilantro

**bonsai |14
(cream cheese, krab salad, shrimp tempura) fresh salmon, eel sauce, wasabi tobiko

**snow bird |14
(cucumber, crab, ahi tuna) hamachi, ponzu, sriracha, jalapeño

omakase roll |m/p         
chef’s choice or custom roll

nigiri, sashimi, or temaki
2pcs your choice of nigiri, sashimi, or temaki style

**ahi tuna (maguro) |8

**yellowtail (hamachi) |7

**white ahi tuna (escolar) |7

**fresh salmon (sake) |8

smoked salmon (kunsei sake) |8

bbq eel (unagi) |7

steamed shrimp (ebi) |6

octopus (tako) |6

krab stick (kani) |6

**fresh scallop (kai bashira) |9

egg omelet (tamago) |5

smelt roe (masago) |6

flying fish roe (wasabi tobiko) |7

extras  . . .

side of rice |2

soy paper |2

spicy mayo |.50

eel sauce | .50

sweet thai chili |.50

ponzu |.50

sriracha |.50


There is a risk associated with consuming raw oysters. If you have chronic illness of the liver, stomach or blood or have immune disorders, you are at greater risk of serious illness from raw oysters, & should eat oysters fully cooked. If you are unsure of your risk, consult a physician.

–Section 61c-4.010(8), florida administrative code


Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions

–Section 3-603.11, FDA food code