Java on Palafox Street

fosko coffee barre pensacola fl

Fosko Coffee Barre Pensacola FL

Palafox Street is the center of all the action in Downtown Pensacola. If you plan on taking part in that action, you’re going to need a little boost. The perfect spot for that boost? Fosko Coffee Barre.

Inside Fosko, it’s all about the fine details. From the ornate espresso machines, open brick interior and plush leather seats, you’ll want to stay in this cozy cafe for hours.

Fancy plenty of options? Fosko doesn’t disappoint. You can get anything from your classic cup of coffee to frappes, lattes with beautiful foam art and cold brews.

If you’re on the fence or looking to try something new, you can’t go wrong with ordering one of the Fosko favorites. Try the Foskolina, a concentrated cold brew served with milk and a “splash” of hazelnut or vanilla. Looking for a real jolt? The Angelino features four honey espresso shots, shaken over ice and just a splash of half and half.

Sometimes you just want something sweet. In that case, Fosko has 100% real fruit smoothies with plenty of different flavors, such as strawberry, lime, peach-pear and much more!

Fosko definitely didn’t forget about your growling tummy. If you show up with a bit of an appetite, you have to try 17” crepes that are made completely from scratch! You can choose from multiple combinations of both savory and sweet fillings. Looking for a healthy lunch? Try filling your crepe with fresh veggies and prosciutto. For a more indulgent experience, which we absolutely recommend, fill your creation with fresh berries, Nutella, whipped cream and your choice of “drizzle.”

Start your adventure down Palafox Street at Fosko Coffee Barre.  

Fosko Coffee Barre is located at 8 Palafox Pl, Pensacola, FL. For more information, visit the Fosko Coffee Barre Facebook or call (850) 332-7737.